Ask… Alex from Adelaide

Hey readers, meet Alex from Adelaide.

Alex is one of my close friends whom I’ve known since first year uni. He used to live in Perth, then moved to Newcastle and now he is in Adelaide. I’m pretty sure I missed a couple of places in between, you know it’s hard to follow the life of someone who works with the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force).

He’s only been in Adelaide since the beginning of this year but he’s done a hell of a lot of exploring (once with me and *P!) and don’t let him tell you otherwise.

Without further ado, hope you find Alex’s recommendations useful on your visit in Adelaide.


If I was a drink, I would be beer. Young and carefree, and like to keep things simple. My personal style is fun, easy-going, smooth, and low-maintenance, just like any good beer should be.

My morning coffee is usually a Cappuccino or sometimes a Macchiato.

Ladies (or lads) who lunch need to go to one of the many beaches in Adelaide, usually a few good pubs around for pub food. Another great option is the Swedish Tarts Cafe in Semaphore.

When friends are in town I take them for a drink at The Gilbert (Gilbert St Hotel). It is a great pub in town with a huge selection of beers and wines from the region from both the boutique breweries and the big names. I usually default to Stella because its my favourite.

The restaurant I recommend is Pho Han. A great Vietnamese place around the corner from our place in Port Adelaide. It’s decently priced and has massive portions. It feels and tastes home-made like *P’s mum makes it. It’s our default food place if we can’t be bothered cooking.

For the perfect gift or memento I’d shop at Hahndorf. There’s a great selection of funky shops, but for something cheap and tasty that you can keep, Beerenberg has a great selections of condiments to buy and take home.

Couples wanting a romantic dinner for two should consider The Grange Golf Club which has a classy country club feel. We went there for Valentines day, the food was good but the atmosphere was better and they had a live pianist on the day. They are not open for dinner on weekdays and occasionally some weekends. If The Grange Golf Club fails you, Rivercafe in North Adelaide is the second best. It’s on the river with nice views and really good food.

The best market for foodies to hang can be found Adelaide Central Markets. Enough said.

If it’s raining it’s probably best to stay indoors. Do this with a visit to one of the museums or art galleries, otherwise if you’re brave, you can check out Waterfall Gully with an umbrella.

If it’s sunny there is a plethora of places to visit. Mount Lofty Summit, Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens, Barossa, Hahndorf, Mclaren Vale, Victor Harbour, Glenelg Beach and the list goes on.

Adelaide’s best-kept secret is Waterfall Gully. Heaps of Adelaidians usually go for hikes up the hill but if you’re not feeling all sporty, there’s a really nice (little) waterfall to visit and go for a walk.

If I were a visitor with a free day, spend it Adelaide Zoo if you like animals, especially the Pandas. Otherwise head to either Barossa or McLaren Vale for your wine fix or Hahndorf for your German beers.


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