North America

Five off the Bucket List

I ticked 5 things off my bucket list this trip!

#38. Admire the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon.
*E made me watch the sun rise over the canyon (because I didn’t drive fast enough to make the sunset) and it was magical. As the sun inched its’ way up, its’ light hit the canyon and the colours came alive. I’m thankful he made me wake up that early, not sure he appreciated the four letter expletives that morning.

Hey look. I found the Grand Canyon!

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#49. Play the slot machines in Vegas.
No winnings but when in Vegas, do what everyone else does right?

Tried my hand at old school slots! No winnings though.

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#55. Drive through Big Sur in California.
We did this on my last day in San Francisco. It was a beautiful day and the scenery was second to none. It was more about the journey for me thus there are so many shots in the brain bank instead of on the camera, it’s a real shame I can’t share more with you.


#59. Delicately place 1 dollar bills down stripper’s panties.
No photos here to prove I did it (legal issues I suppose), but you can ask *J as he was my witness.

#61. Celebrate Thanksgiving in the States.
This is a great tradition that I tend to implement in Australia. I won’t convince everyone but I’m sure my family and friends wouldn’t mind me cooking a turkey dinner once a year. I mean, turkey, cranberry sauce and all the trimmings, a girl couldn’t have asked *E for more fun for her first Thanksgiving experience.

Having post travel depression. Reminiscing on Thanksgiving fun times.

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Only 33 more things to go…


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