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Viva, Las Vegas!

I’m going to start with Vegas because I can’t retrieve my LA and San Diego photos off the SD card. SO fucking annoying.

— 09 Nov 2013 —

So following the accommodation fail (on *E’s part!) in San Diego, we decided to head to Las Vegas a day early.

The Journey

Point A: Ocean Beach, San Diego
Point B: Luxor, Las Vegas
Point C: Circus Circus, Las Vegas
Distance: 331 miles (~533 km)

When I started planning this trip, I thought “what the hell, since I’m passing through, I might as well drive by and see what it’s all about”. It was one of those places I never really wanted to go to unless I was in the general area. So I told *E that I was fine with just driving by but he insisted on staying 1 night. We stayed 2 nights in the end (my fault).

As we drove into Vegas that night, it was like nothing I’ve experienced before. The road was long and the sky was black for so long with only *E and our playlist as a distraction. But as you drive over the hill and approach Vegas, the lights start glistening at you and the terrain changes from flat to a multitude of hotels. It was amazing. I remember I actually squealed in between the frantic “OMG I’m going to kill both of us because I don’t know what side of the road I’m meant to be driving on”.

We got to the Luxor and I was super excited. “OMG! We’re sleeping in a hotel! And it’s the shape of a pyramid! Wahhh!” came out of my mouth in no particular order. I was like a fat child in a cake store.

That all changed when the receptionist told us that she couldn’t find our room booking AND there were no rooms left in the hotel. Huh? *E told me he had booked it. And now he can’t find the confirmation email? Great. It was late, I was tired (despite my Asian eyes bulging out of my head) and we were homeless.

So there I was, sitting in the Luxor, using the free wifi and searching for a place to call home for the night. And the best I could come up with was the Circus Circus Motel for a quarter of the luxury and double the price of the Luxor. *E was cringing when I told him about the Circus Circus but it was our hope. I was not going to be sleeping in my suitcase. Or maybe I should’ve because the Circus Circus Motel was a shithole. Sure I didn’t mind it because I just came from 3 nights a dorm and I now had a queen bed but the sleazebags we walked past down the crack house like hallway, didn’t give me a good feeling.

But who cares!!! I’M IN VEGAS BABY!! And it was time to put on some sparkles and get this party started. We walked through the Circus Circus trying to find an exit, past the chapel, the slot machines, and to find some food. As we walked down to the strip, everything was jumping out at me.  I was amazed at everything and I think it was very amusing for *E to see my bulging Asian eyes.

The Palazzo is so pretty at night.

The Grand Canal in the Venetian. It’s like I’m in Venice again! (I think that’s the point of the Venetian-inspired shopping area). I don’t know if they clean the curtains the same way in Venice though.

The entrance to Caesars Palace is pretty impressive.

Christmas decorations are so much better than in Perth.

The rainbow-coloured glass sculpture that covers the Bellagio lobby ceiling. It is called Fiori di Como and designed by Dale Chihuly, and consists of 2,000 (!!!) hand-blown glass blossoms. Just stunning.

Yummy espresso martinis in the middle of the night.

2:30am espresso martini at the Bellagio is normal in Vegas

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Fast forward the above sightings, *E ended up making friends with a random guy (I felt like the 3rd wheel there) and the bartender the Bellagio bar. The bartender’s story is incredible. He went there for a long weekend vacation, loved it so much that he stayed. For 15 YEARS!!! We chatted till *E had had enough cocktails and I passed out at 3:30/4am on the grotty bed.

Albeit I passed out a happy girl.


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