Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

January 26th is Australia Day and it is our national day.

One which is unanimously celebrated by all Australians and non-Australians in all the states and territory in the country (unlike other holidays such as the Queen’s Birthday or Labour Day).

It is a day where we band together, put on a barbie (BBQ), have a cold one (or two) on hand and celebrate how fortunate we are to be living in this beautiful country of ours (like we needed another excuse to eat, drink and be jolly).

Each year, the City of Perth puts on fireworks along the foreshore for hundreds of thousands to enjoy. There is no talking, no fighting, no rowdy behaviour. Just all of us staring, with our mouths open, in awe of the stunning display.

I went last year for the first time in my 20-odd years in Australia (I hate crowds so I usually watch the ones up near my parent’s house) and I loved it. Sitting on the little patch of grass available to me, sipping on my lemon ice tea and surrounded with friends.

Good times.

[Source: Olympus XZ-1]


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