North America

Just One More Night… Pleaseee

— 10 Nov 2013 —

That’s what I said to *E when I woke up. Pleaded more like it. And luckily he was happy to oblige, just as long as we got the hell out of the Circus Circus ASAP. I was cool with that. I wanted food.

Now *E being the responsible one, made me research our next move over breakfast. What?! I just wanted to eat my food, drink some fluids to nurse the head and then head out to explore Vegas. I wanted to see what people do during the day.

Skip ahead all the boring planning (at least we won’t be having any more accommodation failures for a couple of day), *E went back to sleep and I went off to explore Vegas. And find something for us to do tonight.

I used my TripAdvisor offline guide to Las Vegas to see what mischief I could get up to.

I found the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas. This means I no longer needed to go to Paris.

Found some flamingos at the Flamingo. As you do. (This was a WTF moment)

Saw the grandeur of the Bellagio. I can’t believe I was standing where they filmed Ocean’s Eleven. Sooo awesomeeee.

Looking north up the strip. We stayed at the Monte Carlo.

Looking the other way down the strip.

Vegas is unofficially billed as the Marriage Capital of the World. And you’ll see why. It’s so cheap and easy to get a marriage certificate and there are chapels EVERYWHERE. Each hotel has one, some even with really nice outdoor settings. They even have pop-up chapels! Cute.

As I twirled around on the spot (similar to what I do when I stand in Times Square), I realised Vegas is freakin’ amazing. I was in awe of how OTT the place is; the neon lights, the sleazy guys with a multitude of women hanging off said sleazy guys, the scantily dressed showgirls, the bogan tourists. It was all amazing and I can’t believe I only wanted to do a drive by. Thank God for *E.

When my Asian eyes couldn’t get any bigger from all the lights, I headed back to the hotel to find *E still asleep. I wanted make tonight a night to remember so I put on a party dress, something to rival those of the girls we’ve been seeing on the streets (FYI, I didn’t have a chance with my thigh length dress to rival those with butt cheek length dresses. *E did offer to cut 6 inches off the dress but I like the dress too much to mutilate it.) and we set out into the night.

They had cotton candy at the buffet!!!

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On the cards were a typical Vegas buffet (complete with fairy floss (!!) or cotton candy as the Americans call it), a Cirque du Soleil show with a fat guy in diapers as the main character (*E still thinks I made him watch this because he wouldn’t watch ‘Thunder from Down Under’ with me), the synchronised Bellagio foundation show, a bit of gambling, greasy pizza for supper and more cocktails.

What a way to spend my last night in Vegas.

I love Vegas.

Til we meet again,
S xx


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