[on the bedside table] The Alchemist

I know I’m about 25 years too late with this book but that’s just how I roll. Okay?

Now that you’ve regained yourself, I was clearing my red external HD the other day and discovered… I HAD A KINDLE LIBRARY. Not just any old kindle library, but one with tens of thousands of e-books in it. I have no idea where it came from (must have been one of the boys on site who decided I would rather his e-book collection than his porn collection, and right he was!) but wow, that’s some collection right? And in it, amongst other titles, I found The Alchemist.

The way she writes is amazing. As soon as I picked up the book, I couldn’t put it down which I’m sure was the same for many of you.

Paulo takes the reader on a journey through the region of Andalusia with a shepherd boy who is trying to earn a living selling the wool off his sheep’s back. From a young age, the boy was set upon following his dream: to travel. In order to figure out what a re-occurring dream is all about, his travels takes him from Spain to Egypt. Along the way, I felt like I was alongside the boy while he met new people, asked himself the difficult “heart or head” questions and learnt new and exciting things; all that I do when do embark on an adventure. If this book doesn’t give you major wanderlust, I don’t know what will.

This is definitely on my “favourite travel related novels” list.

Feel free to browse through some of my other recommendations.

Enjoy! xx

[Disclaimer: I am affiliated with The Book Depository and will gain a commission if you decide to buy the book. Thanking you in advance if you do. No obligations.]


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