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[stay] Stovepipe Wells Village

Driving up to this place after you’ve seen absolutely nothing on the road for, what felt like days but was just mere hours, was a sight for sore eyes. The accommodation block doesn’t look like much but the general store across the road looks like something out of a Western movie.

We chose to stay at Stovepipe Wells because it was the cheapest option at the time. A standard room will set you back $126.50 – $156.00 p/night (excluding tax) depending on the season but it comes with comfortable enough beds, standard amenities and A PRIVATE BATHROOM (I think this made *E very happy after the lack of an ensuite at our last place).

The restaurant looked like a Western saloon with a wall filled with bottle after bottle of the good stuff (according to *E) and an interior decked out in wood everything. The restaurant next door looked like an ugly twin with no booze and lots of small people (children) so stay away if you want to enjoy your food with no screaming.

It was a pleasant place to stay with super friendly staff, the surrounding is extremely quiet (expected seeing as we’re in the middle of the desert) and relatively close to some of the recommended attractions such as the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, the Historic Stovepipe Well and Mosaic Canyon.


Stovepipe Wells Hotel
a: Highway 190, Death Valley, California
t: +1 760-786-2387


Other accommodation in and around Death Valley National Park:

1. Furnace Creek Inn and Ranch Resort

This place looks amazing like something that got transplanted from Vegas. Imagine a resort complete with palm trees sitting in the middle of nowhere. This is where the rich people go and it’s evident by the luxury cars and the insane gas price (compared to the gas station at Stovepipe Wells). For those who want a bit of the luxury without the price, there is a campground and RV park available on site.

a: Highway 190, Death Valley, CA 92328
e: or via their contact page
t: +1 760-786-2345 or +1 800-236-7916 (toll free)

2. Beatty

The town of Beatty is approximately 30 miles from Death Valley and offers an array of cheaper accommodation in the form of motels and B&Bs. We chose not to stay in Beatty as we had limited time in the National Park but this is the cheaper option if you’re visiting Death Valley.


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