[video] Happy Belated Australia Day!

I was very un-Australian over the weekend.

How so?

I skipped across the pond to Hong Kong for the Australia Day long weekend to attend my brother’s wedding reception (mainly for the wife’s extended family), catch up with my HK-based friends (and one even flew in from China!), eat loads of fish balls, eat at a Michelin star restaurant (Caprice at the Four Seasons – stunning view of the city skyline) and shop (loved the midnight shopping).

As I was filling out the “Nationality” section on the departure card on Thursday night, I felt like a fraud writing Australian. Which Australian would, in their right mind, head overseas on the Australia day long weekend.

Oh wells. At least while I was in Hong Kong, I was wishing I was back at home (due to my dislike to mainlanders and their behaviour). It somehow makes up for it right?

So in the spirit of being Australian, I caught up with the spectacle of the skyworks, and wanted to share how we Australians do it here in Perth. It’s not as good as the Sydney one (only because of the backdrop!) but it’s pretty good.

Warning: It’s a very long video (30 odd mins) but it’s pretty spectacular, especially the city skyline. Skip the first 2 mins. My favourites start around 2:36 and again at 5:02. The light show on the water is meh. And the finale starting around 29:00 is quite colourful indeed.


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