Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

Beer is one of the most marvelous drinks ever invented (in my opinion). Golden ale, lager, mango, homebrew. It is the perfect drink for any occasion.

My favourite is ginger beer though. Alcoholic or non-alcoholic, I’m not fussed. I’ll take both. I love ginger beer because I can convince myself it is medicinal (in one way or form) and healthy thus I can drink more of it (ginger is good for fighting against colds and all that other bad stuff… right?).

Sorry to digress… I could go on about how much I love beer all day.

Here, I was enjoying a lovely meal of fish ‘n’ chips with my friends by the beach in Adelaide. The ginger beer went down very well. I think we ended up having another one.


[Source: Olympus XZ-1]


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