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[just in] Grist: How to travel the States without a Car

According to the U.S. 2010 census results, the national population was at 308,745,538.

Hmm… that’s a lot of people considering the 2011 census results for Australia was a mere (in comparison) 21,507,717.

Of the 308,745,538 people, there are 239,800,000 cars between them.

Even with all these cars on the road, the U.S. has an extensive intercity transit routes. So extensive it goes to random cities like Lufkin (Texas) and Yazoo City (Mississippi).

As extensive as it may seem, I’ve been told the bus times are still shit (a lot of waiting around) and the coaches aren’t as comfortable as they tell you it will be, on that 8 hr journey between San Francisco and San Diego.

[Source: American Intercity Bus Riders Association]

And with car hire and gas so cheap, it’s worth looking into hiring a car especially if you’re covering long distances in a short space of time. You can’t place a price on the freedom to move around and to change plans whenever and wherever you want.

Unless you don’t have a licence. Like *E.


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