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[stay] Wawona Hotel, Yosemite National Park

Imagine a typical Victorian-style hotel. Forest green trimmings, reddy brown roof and white everything else. Grey floorboards and white picket balustrades. All on a huge property surrounded by nature.

Now, did your imagination come close to this? If yes, well done! If no, no matter, I’m sure you excel at other things…

So anyways, we stayed at the Wawona Hotel during our short visit to Yosemite and the place was packed! Especially for the winter months. I guess everyone else was thinking the same thing as I was with travelling in the off-peak season. And it was the least expensive “hotel” option within the southern boundaries of the park.

The rooms were very elegant with the matching floral wallpaper and bed spreads to the wooden writing desk which overlooked the “gardens” and the luxurious velvet robes we were provided for our stay.

Note: The rooms in our building do not have an ensuite, the showers and toilets are close by on the lower floor. Very spacious and clean, and they even provide tampons (one for the ladies!).

The main building housing the reception and restaurant was equally as elegant, with a fireplace and the oh so comfy sofas. No chesterfield but still oh la la. You can find a whimsical pianist serenading the crowd with his hands (playing the piano!) and voice every weeknight and the atmosphere is just magical.

Do yourself a favour and get down there to see this old chap. He’ll serenade you till the bears come home.

Enjoy! xx


Wawoma Hotel
a: 8308 Wawona Road, Yosemite National Park, California
t: +1 209-375-6556


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