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[eat] Local San Francisco Drinks

Along with all the eating, I also did a lot of drinking.

The venue didn’t change all that often (close vicinity to *E’s work) but I got to know the people and it was grand.

Enjoy! xx

Note: I still have a number of places on *L and *E’s list that I didn’t get to so if you want more recommendations, email me.

The W Hotel (3rd and Howard)
A very classy establishment and a popular haunt with pretty much anyone who is around the area and looking for a drink.

The bartenders are friendly and highly talented and can pretty much make you any drink you want. Just name your choice of alcohol and you’ll get something amazing.

Dave’s (3rd and Market)
A proper pub up the road from the W.

What makes this a proper pub? The all-sorts, a jukebox and dirt cheap drinks. Not to mention the bartenders don’t mind having one (or five) with you throughout the night. It’s easy to see why this place is always bustling.

This is a popular haunt with the bartenders and chefs who work at the hotels around that area.

House of Shields (New Montgomery and Stevenson)
A step up in classiness from Dave’s and also very popular with the bartenders and chefs.

The Buenas Vista Cafe (Beach and Hyde)
Known for bringing the Irish coffee to San Francisco, these are the best (and most potent) Irish coffees I’ve ever tasted. Sit at the bar and chat to the bartenders or the person next to you.

This is where I met a nice gentlemen who gave me the recommendation to eat at Nob Hill Cafe.

Smugglers Cove (Gough and McAllister)
You may not see it at first as the street front is all black. But when you find yourself doubling back up and down the street, just walk through the door that doesn’t look like a door. Inside, you will find 3 bars, 1 on each floor, all serving the best tiki cocktails outside the Caribbean. While you wait for your drink to be crafted, flick through the pages on the history of rum. It makes for an interesting read.


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