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[my city] Sculpture by the Sea 2013

Sculpture by the Sea is in its’ 10th year this year! The 70+ local, interstate and international artists will create unique pieces and transform Cottesloe Beach into a sculpture park. The exhibition will be held from 7 – 24 March at various locations along Cottesloe Beach.

Last year *P and I popped our Sculpture by the Sea cherries on the last day of the exhibition and it was all very exciting. We didn’t purchase a catalogue at the start, which had a map of where all the exhibits were so we missed some of them (a lesson learnt for this year) but here’s a wrap up of my favourites from the 2013 Sculptures by the Sea.

My favourite was the ‘transparent sea’ piece by local artist Vaughn Bisschops. It’s about looking into our oceans to see the beauty within, which I agree with. Having swam with whale sharks, I believe they are such beautiful and majestic creatures.

This dude was part of the ‘look this way’ piece by Ken Unsworth (NSW) and he was just chillin’ and pointing at something. I remember *P and I talked about how the ladder was anchored into the sand and not a word about the piece. That’s engineers for you.

‘mengenang’ by Cave Urban (NSW) was the 222 wind pipes piece that represented the number of lives lost in the Bali bombing, and the piece won the Allens People’s Choice Award.

This was a close up of the ‘habibi’ sculpture by local artist Ayad Alqaragholli. The sculpture reminded *P of a similar one she saw in a peace memorial in Japan last year.

This colourful ensemble, ‘happy floating dream cloud’, was by local artist Kathy Allam. The piece reflected on our childhood desires and how pleasing colourful plastic toys are.

And last but not least, ‘the rolling pin’ by Keld Moseholm (Denmark) was a good comical one to see.

I can’t wait to see what the artists come up with this year. See you there!

Sculpture by the Sea
Various areas along Cottesloe Beach
Marine Parade, Cottesloe


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