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Don’t call me Frisco, it’s San Fran to you!

— 17 – 29 Nov 2013 —

So after the epic road trip of 2013, ending it in Yosemite, it was time to get back to normal life for *E and city life for me.

After living out of a suitcase for 7 days, on the road covering about 2000 miles, awing in 4 national parks and being on a high in Vegas, I was ready to settle back in the city life and explore every inch of the city I’ve always wanted to visit (after New York).

My 2 weeks were filled with spending time with *E and *J (who flew in from Florida on the second week), eatingdrinking, watching shows, roaming, exploring, Thanksgiving (!!!) and other random stuff.

Here’s a recollection my 2 weeks in San Francisco. Details to follow.

I took the ferry and did a tour of Alcatraz. I walked through the abandoned buildings and listened to the stories of the wardens and prisoners.

I used an offline TripAdvisor guide to explore the architecture of the city; random city building, City Hall and a building in the Golden Gate Park.

I rode on an infamous trolley and felt I was going to die (I’m scared of heights and going down those hills were hell).

My Colombian friend suggested I go to Twin Peaks for an awesome view. What he didn’t tell me was to drive up there. Instead, I got a cramp in my bum and it hurt all the way down. But the view was worth the cramp.

I walked the Golden Gate Bridge. Engineers are seriously awesome. And I’m not saying this  just because I am one. I am not awesome at engineering, just awesome at other things.

My ex-boss and his wife took me on a tour of the Bay area. He wanted to show me the San Francisco skyline but the weather was against us. We also went to Facebook (my ex-boss was more excited to get a photo than I was!). That day I ate Dungeness crabs for the first time. And they were yummy.

[Source: CM’s iPhone 5]

Knowing I love beer (I’m Australian after all!), *E suggested I go to Anchor Steam. So I did. For a 10 am brewery tour and beer tasting. Technically, it was beer o’clock somewhere in the world so it made it okay.

I took in the scene, colours and the oddness of the Haight-Ashbury neighbourhood and the Mission District.

*E celebrated Thanksgiving for the first time in a long time (he’s usually working) and he made sure I had a great time stuffing myself with turkey, cranberry sauce and all the trimmings. I did and my waist didn’t freak out.

Having post travel depression. Reminiscing on Thanksgiving fun times.

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