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[see] Steve Silver’s Beach Blanket Babylon

I met a bunch of guys on the Anchor Steam Brewery tour. They were kind enough to welcome me into their group after they discovered I was Australian and was intrigued by my accent (I don’t have an accent damn it!!!).

We tasted beers and chatted, and I found out one of the guys works for the company that supplied mechanical equipment to the process plant I helped build in the Congo. Dang, we live in such a small world.

So anyways, they asked me the usual questions; What have you been up to? Have you done such and such? What? You haven’t done such and such yet?! Then it was the “You need to do this and this before you leave” part of the conversation.

One that was of interest, was Beach Blanket Babylon. One, because it sounded cool and two, apparently it is quintessential San Francisco. Challenge accepted. (The other was Chocolate Lab which I didn’t get to check out but apparently better than TCHO)

I didn’t know what to expect. I mean, I knew it has been and, still is America’s longest-running musical revue. It started in 1974 and runs 5 days a week. The show changes depending on the popular culture and politics of the day/week. (Twerking and Sarah Palin were the hot topics while I was there)

So I did what I usually do whenever I go see a show. I rocked up, bought the best available ticket in the stalls, had my Asian eyes open during the ENTIRE SHOW and had a blast

The show was spectacular! The acting, the singing, the costumes!!! Look at how ridiculous the costumes are.

[Source: SF Station]

[Source: SF Citizen]

The story follows the character of Snow White who travels around the world trying to find her Prince Charming. In between her travels, she meets weird and wonderful people like her fairy godmother, Sarah Palin and Miley Cyrus, who gives her proper advice on finding true love.

It was hard to follow at times (we don’t get much coverage of Palin in Australia) but the twerking and other pop culture was right on.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect when you check it out. I highly recommend it! Enjoy! xx


Steve Silver’s Beach Blanket Babylon

a: 678 Beach Blanket Babylon Boulevard, San Francisco
t: + 1-415-421-4222 (for bookings)


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