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The Interior of Alcatraz

Following on from the previous post on the raw exterior of The Rock, this is a visual diary of what it was like to be imprisoned at Alcatraz.

As part of the ticket price, you get access to audio tour which features the correctional officers and inmates telling their side of the story. They lead you through the cellhouse where you get to stand in the corridors where they use to walk through and imagine what it was like to go through with an elaborate escape attempt.

I remember getting chills standing in the solitary confinement cells, not just because it was dark, cold and damp, but because of how the inmates felt when they were locked in there.

A fascinating place to experience the history of theΒ infamous Federal Penitentiary era.


Alcatraz Island

There are 4 types of tours available for Alcatraz which all differ in price. I did the day tour because there was no way in hell I was going to make it for the 8:45 am (seeing as I took the wrong bus route!). *E suggests the night tour is better but you don’t get the audio tour with that, so weigh up your options and book whatever suits your itinerary.

And remember to take note of the return ferry times so you can optimise your day.

Open daily, except Christmas Day.

a: Pier 33, Alcatraz Landing, San Francisco
w:Β www.alcatrazcruises.comΒ (Bookings essential)


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