South America

5 things I didn’t know about Brazil

[Source: Wikipedia]

I’m a bit more settled and looking forward to the trip now, now that I’ve learnt a few things about each country I’m going to.

1. Brazil was given to Portugal as part of the Treaty of Tordesillas in 1494. The treaty was to divide all newly discovered land outside of Europe between Portugal and Spain.

2.Β The name Brazil comes from the BrazilWood tree. The heavy wood is used in violin bows and cabinetwork.

3. Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, the largest in Latin America and the longest country in the world.

4. Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil. Whattt? Not Rio?! MIND BLOWN.

5.Β Oscar Niemeyer (long version is Oscar Ribeiro de Almeida Niemeyer Soares Filho), was the Brazilian architect who designed the civic buildings BrasΓ­lia, which turned out to become Brazil’s capital. His style was heavily influenced by Le Corbusier (loved learning about his designs in interior design).

[Source: Various sources]

Now I should probably start learning the languages…


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