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5 things I noticed in LA

It’s official. I lost all my photos from LA and San Diego so I’ll have to rely on Google Images for this late post.

I spent 3 days in LA at the beginning of my holiday and these are the things I noticed while roaming the streets of Santa Monica and on the top deck of the Hop-on Hop-off bus.

1. There are a lot of pigeons in the city. They like to perch themselves on top of EVERYWHERE; the street lamps, traffic lights (or robots if you’re South African) or signs. The spikes don’t work peoples.

[Source: Photobucket]

2. A lot of stores are named with women’s names. Patty’s Jewelry Store. Flaming Patty’s. Jennifer Knits. Grace Ellay.

3. Most buildings are white along Ocean Ave in Santa Monica. And they are blinding to the eye. Wear sunnies when you walk along the promenade.

[Source: Life in LA]

4. There are as many yoga studios in Santa Monica as there are pubs in London. People down there are health freaks who actually run to get to their yoga session on time and always have a health juice when walking down the street. Just like this one.

5. Because there are a heap of yoga studios around, wearing leggings out on the streets is normal. Not cool peoples.


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