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[eat] Local Santa Monica Haunts

Here’s the low-down of the two eateries I frequented in Santa Monica. I didn’t venture away from these two as I found they had an extensive menu and they were conveniently located around the hostel.

Urth Caffe (2327 Main St)

If you’re looking for a cheap-ish eat for breakfast (compared to the prices in Perth), look no further than Urth. Rated 4/8743 of restaurants in LA, it’s no surprising why. It’s on the main street that services Venice Beach and Santa Monica, their servings are substantial and delicious, the terrace is open for you to enjoy the sun and people watch AND their coffee is organic and really good.

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Good morning from Santa Monica!

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Urth caters for all; the yoga fanatics to/from their yoga session, the hippies (the ones with bikes are served by the doorman), the women on school runs (there’s a valet service that charges $1/10mins), those with not much to do and just want a hearty feed (me) and those just passing by needing a coffee hit.

Tender Greens (201 Arizona Ave)

Like the name suggests, the meals involve a lot of greens and just what the doctor prescribed after a couple of days on the pizzas and weiners.

You can find all the freshest and finest ingredients here and their organic tea blends are the bomb. Try the grilled octopus salad with the lemonade and rosehip tea (seasonal I think), it was so good that I had it for 3 consecutive days.


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