Central America / South America

6 lessons learnt in Latin America

The Latin America trip is well and truly over. The only thing I can do now, in my mundane life (no, really, it is), is stroll through my photos and think about the time I ate Pao de Queijo all day or had 3 buffets in one day. Funny all my memories are food related…

Anyways, so this was our first time in Latin America and I learnt a few things along the way. I forgot to ask if the bestie learnt anything.

1. Latin American time exists. It is measured in hours and varies from country to country. In general, it is worse than Asian time (5 – 15 mins), but it is better than African time (days). You can’t compare it to normal Western time (punctual) though.

2. Argentinian men are hot, Brazilian men are not… as hot. We did proper research in this area to bring you this fact. We spent days “researching” (read: perving) on a variety of eye candy. It was hard work.

3. Argentinians have the weirdest body clocks. They work 9 – 5, eat at midnight, party till 7am (on weekends) and repeat. They are machines. And I want to know how to function like them. I could get so much more done in a day.

4. Sugar is in EVERYTHING. I was astounded by the amount of sugar that went in, firstly the cocktails (we were on a sugar high most of the time in Havana) and the food. I really want to know what their diabetes statistics are. (off to Google this shit)

5. Colombia is known for other things other than drugs. And that’s according to most of the travellers I met. I’ll tell you next time I step on the continent.

6. Brazilians are more unwilling to speak English then the Argentinians. This is reasonable. It’s just like me feeling embarrassed to speak Portuguese, but seriously, can you maybe just slow down a bit?

SO, there you have it peoples. Keep number 1 and 6 in mind and it won’t bother you as much as it did everyone else (cough, Americans, cough).


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