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Five off the Bucket List

I ticked 5 more things off my bucket list on the last adventure! It was even better this time around because I was with the bestie for 4 out of the 5 things.

#1. Watch tango in Buenos Aires.

The Argentine tango is a sexy, beautiful and sensual dance which is such a joy to watch. We went to a touristy place which offers the usual dinner and tango show, and it suited us perfectly. Next time, I want to watch the real masters of the Argentine tango. Maybe when I get better at it too.

#13. Shake my salsa worthy booty in Cuba.

Even since I started learning the Cuban salsa, I always imagined Havana would be the place to go to get some salsa action. But sadly my imagination was wrong and my expectations went out the window. At least I got to do a bit of it. Even if it was in a nightclub (random).

#31. Check out the Panama Canal.

To have studied it in school and then to have seen it in real life, is… ONE. EPIC. EXPERIENCE. Needless to say, the inner nerd was bursting with joy. Or is that the outer nerd in the photo?

#56. Listen to the thundering roar of Iguazu Falls.

Not only did I listen to its thundering roar, but I did so on both the Argentinian side AND the Brazilian side. Oh, and we went right beneath the falls too. A-MAZEBALLS.

This bucket list item should be worth 2 points. Just sayin’.

#60. Eat all the steak and drink all the Malbec I can (or whatever I can fit in my 2 stomachs) in Buenos Aires.

I can safely say… after 10 steaks in 4 days, I CONQUER THAT SHIT. And the Malbec went down very well. EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.

I put a couple more items on the list.

Now… only 30 more things to go!


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