Sick of Travelling with the Family

I’m in the middle of organising a family Christmas holiday and it’s just too hard. The way I see it, if I have to organise it, then I’m going to get something out of it. Like… going to a place where I actually want to go AND somewhere that is family friendly.

But… that’s the thing. My family is super fussy. You may think your family is, but my family takes the cake. And some more. Because there are so many of us, inevitably, there’s 101 opinions, excuses and criteria. And everywhere they want to go, I’ve already been or vice versa.

Criteria such as:

  • It has to be overseas (eliminating Australia).
  • It has to be somewhere we haven’t been before (between the 8 of us, this eliminates some of Europe, Southern Africa, most of Asia, most of North America, most of Oceania, some of South America).
  • It has to be somewhere where it’s not too bloody cold that we can’t move or do anything, other than freeze (eliminating most of the Northern Hemisphere around that time).
  • It has to be somewhere where English is the primary language (this eliminates China, South America, most of Africa, most of Europe).
  • It can’t be South-East Asia (The mother doesn’t want to go).
  • It can’t be an island holiday (Us kids DO NOT want to be stuck on an island with our parents for 2 weeks).

And peoples, that is why I’M SICK OF TRAVELLING WITH THE FAMILY.

Excuse me while I go pull my hair out.


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