[on the bedside table] The Time in Between

The story follows a man on a journey through Vietnam to find something. Something that will bring him meaning to the life he lived.

As a young man, he left his family and served in the war. He experienced things, most of us in today’s world wouldn’t. War.

Fast forward 20 years, he’s in Canada, living in the shadow of his adult children. He doesn’t understand his son and his sexuality, nor his daughter who shacks up with an older man. Thankfully his other daughter understands him and for him.

But this isn’t enough.

So he ventures to Vietnam to find that something. Visiting the cities he once frequents. Spoiler alert: He doesn’t find that something.

This was a beautiful, but heart breaking, story about the relationships between father-daughter and sibling love. Though I probably won’t be able to relate to it ever (the war stuff), I loved following him through Vietnam, especially to places I’ve not been to before.



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