[video] Already Alive: Home

This is a feel good story, that comes from an inherent problem the Australian society has.

Australia, to many travellers, is a place where drinking is readily available and socially accepted.

However the reality is something very different.

Every weekend, there is a report of a brawl due to substance abuse. A bloke will have punched another guy and caused some sort of head trauma, or a bunch of girls will be sprawled over each other in the middle of the street “asking for it”, or a child would’ve been abused by a drunk parent.

I’m sick of hearing it, and not enough people know about the dark side of Australia’s substance abuse habits. However, I wanted to highlight the good our drug and alcohol centres do, for those who are in need of help, and more importantly, those who ask for help.

And as we head into the weekend, it’s just a small reminder to stay safe and think before you act.

Have a great weekend y’all! xx

[Source: Home from Already Alive]


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