The Year that was 2015

As usual, I ask myself “where did the time go?” It seemed like this year flew by… who is with me?

2015 was a challenging year for me, in terms of family and career. I’ve got nothing to complain about seeing as the world was in turmoil and chaos for the most part but it was tough and really took a toll on the way I usually live my life (out of Perth).


The year started off with a short trip to Tasmania with *L. We drove around the island in 5 days and soaked in the fresh air and untouched scenery.

It was the last state I needed to visit in Australia which I think is a great achievement, for any Australian!


I quit the rat race as I didn’t want to continue working for arseholes. Handing in my resignation letter and walking of the company (like a boss, of course!) was the most liberating thing I’ve ever done. I was unemployed for the first time in my life and it felt good!


After two years of helping my friend plan her wedding (I was chief bridesmaid), she finally got married to the man of her dreams, in South Africa. The guests were treated to a relaxing weekend in the bush and it provided the perfect backdrop for us to witness their love and photograph them as a married couple (sunset, champagne and the rolling hills). In amongst all the wedding shenanigans, I got to catch up with my dear friends over (too many!) drinks.

Before the wedding, I took a trip of a lifetime. IN MADAGASCAR. After a year of planning with Jo, we finally got to see and cuddle (more like touch) lemurs. The trip was a real eye-opener. The country is full of contrasts, from a typical crowded African city to lush green jungles which line the South-East coast to a tropical beach paradise at Ile Sainte Marie. I absolutely loved it and all the good people I met on the tour (as usual, half the group were Australians).


On the way back from South Africa, I decided to drop by Kuala Lumpur to attend another wedding. There was a group travelling from Perth and I know he really appreciated it.

The girls took the opportunity to meet me in KL for a pamper weekend. We shopped till our feet got blistered, then we went to get massages and then shopped some more. It was nice and I learnt how to travel with friends again.

I was in Perth for 4 days before flying to Melbourne for a 5 day Project Management course. I did little study and drank way too much again. I am never staying with Jo again.

My plan to complete my Project Management certificate was foiled after my parents told me I had to go to Hong Kong and China for the family business. Again, I did little work and partied way too hard (with friends, not the father). It was also the first time I had celebrated Halloween so it was all an experience for me!


I spent Christmas and New Years in Perth for the first time in a long time and it was fun. It was a lot of quality family time with my (actual) family and my adopted South African family.

Hope you had an epic 2015 like I did! My mother keeps telling me I need to settle down now I’m 31 but screw that shit!

Wishing you and your family a happy and prosperous 2016 ahead!

S xx


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