[on the bedside table] Beautiful Witness: In a world of travel

I did a bit of reading over the Christmas and New Year break. It was all about me so I fed myself quite a lot of food and alcohol and stories from near and far.

I picked this gem from Stephen Scourfield, who is the travel editor of The West Australian newspaper. This is his 4th book.

I felt engaged from the moment I read the first page because Stephen makes the journey of reading this book very personal.

“There are only two people involved in reading and writing… There is no-one else here, just me and you.”

Stephen tells of the places he’s been, the people he’s met and the feelings that he had when “in the moment”. I particularly liked his stories about Lesotho. He took me back to the mountains of Lesotho, on a mountain pony with my New Zealand friend. As he described his adventures , my own adventures were vividly popping up from the lost corners of my brain. It really made me miss my horse riding days.

The book is well written (would you expect otherwise?) and easy to digest. The only problem I had with it was the structure, as the book jumped from one story to another and back to the original story. Other than that, a captivating read!

Enjoy! xx


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