[on the bedside table] Dark Heart

Usually I don’t like stories about war. War depresses me. But this story is about more than war and hatred between ethnic groups.

It’s about wildlife conservation (save the gorillas and the African wild dogs!), a progressive country (Rwanda post genocide), a love triangle (there’s always gotta be a love story right?) and the South African’s love for family (similar to the Chinese and Italians in my opinion).

I have friends who used to be soldiers, on the frontline and this story gave me an insight into what it would be like to see such horrible things. Things that humanity do to each other, for money and power. Also, the background story of the Rwandan genocide was fascinating and made me realise there is more to Rwanda than gorillas!

I finished the book in 2 days and absolutely loved it. I’m not biased or anything… <insert shifty eyes emoji>

Enjoy! xx


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