[on the bedside table] The Kindness of Strangers: Penniless across America

Would you quit your job to go travelling, for pleasure or on a road of discovery?

Sure, why not? I’ve done it and I know many people who have, too.

What about quitting your job, dropping your bank balance into the hands of a homeless person, then travelling across America? With nothing more than a backpack full of your bare essentials.

Say what now?

Well, that’s exactly what Mike McIntyre did, the author of this great read.

Mike McIntyre left a comfortable job in San Francisco, to embark on a life changing journey across America, relying solely on the kindness of those who passed him on the highway.

Armed with a road map, he travelled from West to East, North to South, sometimes back and forth, wherever his next ride would take him. Some even put him up in their homes, complete with 3 meals a day!

It made me realise, again, just how many genuinely nice people there are, out in the world. Sure, you get the occasional creep and murderer, but 99% of the general population are just nice people. Giving however little / lot they have, not knowing the impact it has on the receiver.

If you’re looking for a feel good story, look no further. An added bonus, helpful hitchhiking tips and a list of U.S. towns and cities to visit (which I never knew existed).

Enjoy! xx


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