About sc

Hello reader. My name is Shirley and I like to travel.

I am currently a participant in something they call the rat race. I don’t like the idea of it and I’m currently trying to figure out a way where I can pull myself out of the running and still travel as much as I can. I’ll let you know when I find the answer, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I was you.

So in between working out the answer to the work / life / travel formula, I like to slot in as many tennis matches, social salsa dances, fine dining experiences, coffee and cake catch-ups, diving trips, paragliding flights and sleep as I can. And of course, travel adventures.

So, what’s with this blog?

This blog was started because I was too lazy to write my adventures in journals (you wouldn’t guess that with all that listed above right?). I started writing in one… and then another… and another… and you know what I ended up with? THREE half used travel journals with fewer words than children’s alphabet book and too many bits and bobs (train ticket, a dry maple leaf, hotel pamphlet etc…), collecting dust on my bookshelf. And since I am a child of the earth, I decided to keep it all paper-free and do it here. Like EVERYONE ELSE.

The other reason I created this blog was because I have old people’s disease in my family and I don’t want to end up like Allie in The Notebook who forgets those she love, those who loved her and her amazing stories.

So sit back and relax while you follow me on my past and present travel adventures. Ride the highs and lows with me. Relive / live the tastiest moments with me. And above all, use it to find the inspiration for your next adventure. Wherever that may be.

Safe and happy travels to you!

sc xx

PS. Feel free to say hello using the below form. Be it a quick note, a travel tip, a recommendation or even a product / destination review. The ball is in your court.


4 thoughts on “About sc

  1. I love your blog Shirley. I haven’t travelled outside of the U.S. except to Baja. Traveling is on my bucket list and it is wonderful that people like you post your experiences so that others can share in them and learn from your trailblazing. May all your travels be filled with joy and excitement.
    Warmth and Peace.

  2. Robert, thanks for dropping by and enjoying the blog! Glad to hear you like what you read. The US is an amazing place to explore and I can’t wait to get back there. Hope you have listed “down under” as a travel destination soon.

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