My Black Book

Welcome to my little black book of travel.

I’m letting you in on my secrets so you can better plan and book your trip. I’ve only listed the ones I continually use when I travel as I consider them the best and most trustworthy.

Happy travels! xx



My first port of call for international flights; one-way or return travels. This is usually what I use to start budgeting, 3-6 months out.


“Find the happiest fare for the lowest price”

My second port of call for multi-city travel. You can filter on happiest route (usually a combination of the shortest travel duration and lowest fare). You often see ridiculous flight connections here.


I use Kayak for my internal flights when I’m travelling in the US.

Tours / Travel agents

G Adventures

Hands down the best tour company I’ve travelled with. Small groups, lots of free time and exceptional value. I’ve met incredible people (now friends) and the CEOs have always been fun.

All hail Bruce Poon Tip.


Second best tour company I’ve travelled with. I’ve had similar experiences with Topdeck as on G Adventures.

STA Travel

No fuss booking and low prices (under 30s discount fares available). A winning combination if you ask me. I use STA for when I can’t be bothered sorting out my flights and tours.

The talented staff have extensive travel knowledge and can help you get to wherever you want. A shout-out to Temika in one of the Perth CBD branches for going over and beyond my expectations to get me to Cuba.

Flight Centre

I use them when I’m organising trips for the family. My parents went to Europe last year and Flight Centre organised everything for them; including booking the airport transfers with Emirates.



I used to use them a bit when I first started my solo travels. It was a great way to meet new people and have local experiences (I would have never gone salsa dancing in Johannesburg if not for couchsurfing). Nowadays with my hectic work schedule, I tend to only host and be a tour guide when I’m in town.

I tend to use this for all my accommodation booking nowadays. No fuss and usually has no fee cancellations (up to a certain period).


No booking fees and reliable reviews. I use this when I’m solo travelling and wanting to spend more $$$ on activities rather a room.

Qantas Hotels

I recently started to use this as I can use my miles to book accommodation and earn more miles. Prices are slightly more expensive, though competitive to other hotel booking sites, so weigh up your options.

NOTE: You do have to be a Qantas Frequent Flyer to use this service.

Car Hire

Enterprise Car Hire

Best and cheapest one I’ve found in the US. Most of my US friends also recommend Enterprise.

The one thing about this popular car hiring company is the lack of cars that may be available on the day. Best to ring around to see what cars they have or else you’ll end up with a soccer mom’s van when you actually wanted a compact hatchback.

They do a pickup service and if your ride is not on time and you end up taking a taxi to the pickup centre, they will reimburse you the taxi fare.

Travel Products

1cover Travel Insurance

My reliable source of travel insurance. Luckily I’ve never had to put a claim in (touchwood) so I don’t know about the claiming process, but it does get a 5 star (Outstanding value) rating on Canstar so it must be good.


My one-stop travel gear shop. Most of my travel gear is from this shop. I find their clothing are of a high quality (some items I’ve had for 5+ years!) and reasonably priced (especially at sale time).


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