My Bucket List

I finally got my ass into gear to create my map; countries/states I want to visit, been to (and wouldn’t mind revisiting) and lived in (for more than 6 months at any one time).

I’ve also managed to cut down my “1000 things I want to do before I die” list to a reasonable and achievable list, this is a work in process. Items are not in any order and hopefully will be achievable in the foreseeable future if I can work out the whole rat race and $$$ issue.

1. Watch tango in Buenos Aires
2. Go on a romantic gondola ride along the Venice canals
3. Swim with Great White Sharks in Gaansbai
4. Swim in the waters of the Kimberley (NW of WA)
5. Eat my way through Rome
6. Trek the Inca Trial
7. Scuba Dive in the Great Barrier Reef
8. See Victoria Falls
9. Snorkel with Whale Sharks in the Ningaloo Reefs (didn’t do this at Ningaloo but Mozambique was pretty amazing for it too!)
10. Scuba Dive with Ragged Tooth Sharks in Durban
11. Pay a visit to the President in Washington DC
12. Drink Tequila in Mexico
13. Shake my salsa worthy booty in Cuba
14. Feast on as much paella as I can in Valencia
15. Hike Table Mountain in Cape Town
16. Eat tapas in Barcelona
17. Walk (parts of) the Great Wall of China
18. See Niagara Falls from both (Buffalo and Toronto) sides
19. Stand in awe in Times Square
20. Do snow angels at the Sapporo Snow Festival
21. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
22. Jazz it up at the New Orleans Jazz Festival
23. Visit the Temples of Angkor
24. Be part of Carnaval in Brazil
25. Soak in the sulfur hot springs in New Zealand
26. Drink as much beer as I can during the festivities of Oktoberfest
27. Travel by a hot air balloon over Cappadocia at the crack of dawn
28. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
29. Eat at Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn
30. Scuba Dive the Burma Banks in Thailand
31. Check out the Panama Canal
32. Have lunch with the squirrels in Central Park
33. Eat my way through the winter markets of Germany, Prague and Vienna
34. Laugh till I pee in my pants at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal
35. Ride the Rodeo at the Calgary Stampede
36. Live like the rich and famous in Monaco
37. Ride the Trans-Siberian
38. Admire the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon
39. Canoe down the Orange River
40. Excite my senses at the Spice Plantations in Zanzibar
41. Barter in the bazaars in Istanbul
42. Admire the sheer size of the Taj Mahal
43. Buy leather goods in Florence
44. Drink cider in Ireland
45. Sand boarding on Dune 45 in Namibia
46. Visit NASA in Houston
47. Get blown away in Chicago
48. Surf the waves in Jefferys Bay on the south coast of South Africa
49. Play the slot machines in Vegas
50. Be an Ivy League Student for a day in Boston
51. Admire Gaudi’s work in Barcelona
52. Admire the beautiful colours of the Northern Lights
53. See the Grizzlys in Alaska
54. Cruise along the Amazon River
55. Drive through Big Sur in California
56. Listen to the thundering roar of Iguazu Falls
57. Go on a walkabout in the Australian Outback (I also saw Uluru!)
58. Run through a pile of fiery red, ochre yellow and burnt orange leaves in NYC during the Fall season
59. Delicately place 1 dollar bills down stripper’s panties
60. Eat all the steak and drink all the Malbec I can fit in my 2 stomachs in Buenos Aires
61. Celebrate Thanksgiving in the States
62. Defy gravity on the Dead Sea
63. Cuddle lemurs in Madagascar


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