Day 7/12 Part 2: Raving with the Parents

— 31 Dec 2012 —

The day was uneventful. There was a lot of faffing around the resort, in the city and then back at the resort, only because I knew the night would well and truly make up for it.

So it was NYE and the shenanigans went something like this…

1. NYE dinner organised by the resort and it was compulsory for all guests to attend. No arguments there, you know, if I have to eat a massive buffet dinner, then who am I to argue? The only highlight for me was the taro-flavoured ice cream as it is my favourite Asian flavour. And the low light was the WHOLE cooked lamb at one of the stalls. Gross.

2. Each guest got a party set. Being the eldest and most immature in the family, I stole everyone’s party blowers and stuck the sparkly paper to my hat.

The end result?

3. There was an awesome setup in the foyer, from the massive Christmas tree to the catchy music through the many speakers, did nothing to stop our hips from swaying or our feet tapping.

4. And last but not least, the countdown clock and the balloons falling from the sky.

Let’s just say, what happens in KK stays in KK!

It was interesting and it was the first time I had seen my parents party so hard. They stayed longer than the rest of us.

I am never mentioning this again.


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